Santa Is Real

The “Santa is Real” brand is devoted to promoting a 21st Century global Santa that unifies the American commercial Santa Claus with the age-old European gift-giver legends.  The client, KRS Media Group, creates entertainment that illuminates the Spirit of Christmas, for children ages 1-99. They excel by delivering motivational content and exceptionally crafted Christmas-themed experiences, in ways that have yet to be explored.

VIDEO PRODUCTION : Project goals centered around the development and production of a series of 25 three minute video segments for social media.  These segments were shot in Maitland, Florida in August using the Historic Wood Shed at the Maitland Historic Society campus.  Extreme shooting conditions are not visible in the final product, as the scenes look like a cool winter workshop surrounded by snow at the North Pole.  Actual temperatures while filming reached over 100 degrees in the small shed with 3-5 production crew on-site.  The video series won a Telly Award for content and production value.

WEBSITE : A website was created as an on-line "Advent Calendar" concept to allow families to click on the individual videos that were "unlocked" for that specific day going through the month of December, and leading up to Christimas.

FEATURE LENGTH FILM ;  A comprehensive investor booklet was produced for the purpose of soliciting capitol for a feature length film based on a screenplay derived from the novel "Kris, The Legend Begins".


Feature Film Project "Kris, The Legend Begins"

As we become a global community, we will build global legends. “Kris” is the untold story of Santa that unifies the commercialized “American” Santa Claus with the European gift-giver tradition. Set in the Laplands during the early 1700s, “Kris” hints toward the magic of Santa while maintaining its roots in the historical facts, customs and beauty surrounding the history and timeless spirit of the Christmas season.


This epic adventure of one boy’s triumphant struggle for self-redemption is poised to give adults and teenagers back the hero of their early childhood as he becomes the man in the red coat we now know as “Santa.”

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